The Clutter Coach


How can “Uncluttered for Life” help you?

Pantry-After OrganizationAre you too tired and overwhelmed to deal with the clutter and the work it takes to stay organized?
Uncluttered for Life knows how you feel! Perfection is not our goal, we work with you to create an individual system that you can easily keep up with on a daily basis. We make sure your system is working for you and to answer your questions through our Phone Follow-up.

Are you stressed every time you see the clutter in your house?
In a short time, Uncluttered for Life can work with you to organize, purge or store each item so you can learn how to stay clutter-free!

Do you spend valuable time searching through the clutter for “lost” items?
Working together with Uncluttered for Life, we will create a “home” for important items so that they are easy to find and easy to put away!

Do you avoid the clutter because of the problems or emotions of dealing with it?
With Uncluttered for Life by your side, you never have to do it alone. We give you techniques and encouragement to take needed action. We too have inherited many items and never make you get rid of anything, but  show you how to display or store them.

Pantry-Before OrganizationWould you like to entertain, but the clutter is too embarrassing and difficult to put away?
Uncluttered for Life works with you to create “storage for everything” so you can easily put things away when you need to.

Have you run out of storage, downsized, or just need more room in your house?
Uncluttered for Life understands and can work with you to purge, find creative storage or rearrange rooms so they better fit your new lifestyle.

Is paperwork driving you crazy?
No job is too big or too small for Uncluttered for Life! Our Desktop Sorter can be customized to easily fit your needs.

How will I have the time or money to spend on a professional organizer?
Uncluttered for Life is a new way of organizing! We work with YOUR budget and around YOUR schedule (we even work on holidays!). We can customize our services to your needs. We can start out together and you can do the homework, or work in stages.

Do you have a relaxed lifestyle and are willing to live with imperfection, but fear that a professional organizer might judge you?
Your personal satisfaction is the goal of Uncluttered for Life. It is not our intent to judge you or tell you how to live, (the days of the “perfect house” are gone, thank goodness!). Everyone is busy today, and we help you decide what works best for your lifestyle.

If any of this applies to you, call Cynthia Estes
(530) 957-2975 for a free 20 minute phone consultation and estimate!