The Clutter Coach



Clutter Control
Regain control of your home
-Paper Organization
-Home Organization
-Garage Sale Preparation

Time Management
Improve productivity in your life
-How to use a to-do list
-How to find your priorities and plan your days
-How to determine urgent from important

Home Inventory
The threat of loss of property from fire, theft or other causes is always present
-Compile an accurate inventory and proof of ownership
-Photograph and log your property in the event of loss

Today, more people are downsizing than ever, we can help you make it easier
-Readying your home for sale
-Assisting with sorting, clearing and organizing
-Preparing you for downsizing from a larger home
-Readying your new home for occupancy
-Arranging, scheduling and overseeing your estate sale

Estate Organization
Preparing your estate for your loved ones
-Locate and organize your affairs into a Reference Guide that will be available to the family in the event of a crisis
Finalizing the estate
-Clearing the space that holds a lifetime of memories
-Purge discards and debris with client approval
-Sort, categorize, package and inventory possessions
-Determine donation, consignment, or estate sale of assets

Staging will help you to have the best chance to sell your home quickly for the best price!
-Create an inviting environment that will appeal to everyone
-Use your possessions to make your home more sellable
-De-clutter and de-personalize

Interior Redesign
Interior Redesign is a cost effective way of using what you already own to re-create a functional living space for you and your family
-Create a new design with your furnishings
-Give you a new space with the things you love
-Create new furniture layouts, color schemes, and display of accessories

Delivery and Hauling Services
Once you’ve de-cluttered, we make sure it goes out and doesn’t come back
-Boxing and moving items to recycling
-Delivering donated items to donation center
-Hauling debris to the dump

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