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Complete Manageability!art-after

My Husband and I recently moved in to our DREAM HOME - a smaller scale place with a "green theme" which includes lots and lots of storage possibilities for housing and organizing art supplies,equipment, framing materials and cataloging my inventory of gallery pieces. I also had decades of reference materials and ideas for projects long forgotten,neglected, or abandoned. Every time I'd peek inside my new studio space, I'd feel overwhelmed and discouraged. There was just too much stuff in there to side-track and distract me. I didn't know where to begin. Yet my heart was longing to recapture some of the crazy fun of pushing around concepts and expressing myself again....before it's too late...

art-before When I heard about Cynthia, I had NO idea it could be possible to get out from under so much stuff, let alone to sort through and organize it.... then to label it and get it to the point where it is NOW ..... COMPLETELY MANAGEABLE!

Thank-you So much Cynthia

Tina Prentiss, Placerville

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