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Enjoying my home office!Maria - After

I never thought I would actually enjoy going into my home office space. Cynthia is truly a paper work miracle worker. What used to be a massive paper junk pile of disorganization and stress is now clean clutter free and almost "Zen" like. Rather than shutting the door in fear someone would see my desk, I now welcome them to take a look and the responses from friends & family members is shock and disbelief. "It looks so clean and organized," they say. I'd love to take the credit, but the truth is there is nothing like treating yourself to a professional for the job. It's not simply a treat - now I see it was a necessity. Cynthia is definitely a professional, her Maria - BeforeUncluttered for Life Paper Organization System is easy to learn and she made what I saw as a drudgery a lot of fun. I never want to go back to that messy desk again. Being organized and clutter free is a wonderful feeling and we all deserve it.

I would highly recommend Cynthia for any kind of organization project or clutter issue you may need help with. The only thing I have left to say is I wish Cynthia could have been there to help me many years ago.

Sincerely yours, Maria Roslund

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