The Clutter Coach



How to start an organizing plan

1. Decide on area of your home that bothers you the most
2. Break down the problem area into smaller projects
3. Decide how long to work on the project at one sitting
4. Schedule that amount of time into your daily planning
5. Get all your organizing tools together
6. Don’t allow any interruptions once you start
7. Take a “before” picture to see where you started
8. If possible, move items to another area to organize them
9. Separate things into “like” items to see what you have
10. Ask yourself why you are keeping the items
11. Purge, recycle, shred or donate items you don’t need
12. Clean and box or bag items as you go to remove later
13. After re-organizing, store closest to where you will use it

IMPORTANT! Don’t start another project until you finish!

Identify the next problem areas in order of priority
Continue with Steps 1-12 above

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