The Clutter Coach


Uncluttered for Life Comes to You!
Scheduled at your home or office

Anytime ~ day, night, weekends or holidays!

How to reserve your one-on-one session:
Call: Cynthia Estes 530-957-2975
Cost: $75 for materials and 1½ hours of training in your home

1.      To teach you how to use an effective paper organizing system.

2.      To make it easier to file all current papers using this system, than it is to pile them up on the desk or other surface.

3.      To practice dealing with paper work, before it becomes paper clutter

4.      To be able to find any flyers, reminders & invitations for the next year!

To have ready for session:papers
Your most current piles of papers, including projects in process, scrap papers, post-its, mail, memos, flyers, etc. Any paper clutter that has accumulated on your desk or other surfaces.

  • Your current planner or calendar 
  • Bags or boxes for recycling and trash

Materials you will receive:

- Your own Uncluttered for Life Desktop Sorter

- Your own Uncluttered for Life Weekly Scheduler Sheets and Clipboard


Call (530) 957-2975 for a free 20 minute phone consultation and estimate!